SR's Sunset Trajectory Review

SR’s Sunset Trajectory NXG Review

The Sunset Trajectory from YoYoJam is the Signature Series of Dave Geigle, and Bill Deboisblanc. It has become one of the most popular looping yo-yo’s of all time, and has been used to win many contests.

First Impressions-
The Sunset Trajectory came in the usual, but classic YoYoJam box. When you take the yo-yo out of its box, you see a wonderful design on both sides of the yo-yo. You can see the eagle and the sun setting behind it and what makes it better is all the colors blend in to create a beautiful design.

Product Play-
I am not the best person at 2A in the world but this is one heck of a looper. It feels really good in your hand, it has a perfect shape for looping, and returns right to your hand. It feels good and firm, solid after climbing back up the string.

Product Specifications (YoYoNation)-
Shape Modified Imperial
Weight (g) 51.40
Width (mm) 35.64
Diameter (mm) 57.97
Gap Width (mm) 2.88
Bearing Size 6.3x9.49x3.14
Gap Type Adjustable
Stock Response YYJ Double O-Ring

Summary-There isn’t much to say except, this is a good looping yo-yo for anyone who wants to start looping, or already is. I would definitely recommend this yo-yo to a friend. In terms of looping, 10/10.

Good review!

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Great review! And, nice banner. :wink:

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Thanks guys more to come!

But then again, pictures would be nice.

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Great review SR!

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Thanks. More to come!

Agreed. The Sunset’s are the best loopers that I tried. Good Reviw. Well written. :wink:

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Yeah,they are the best that I have tried. Thanks!

I think you could’ve added more to the product play, but otherwise, nice review!

awsome reveiw