SR's Sunset Trajectory Review

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SR’s Sunset Trajectory NXG Review

The Sunset Trajectory from YoYoJam is the Signature Series of Dave Geigle, and Bill Deboisblanc. It has become one of the most popular looping yo-yo’s of all time, and has been used to win many contests.

First Impressions-
The Sunset Trajectory came in the usual, but classic YoYoJam box. When you take the yo-yo out of its box, you see a wonderful design on both sides of the yo-yo. You can see the eagle and the sun setting behind it and what makes it better is all the colors blend in to create a beautiful design.

Product Play-
I am not the best person at 2A in the world but this is one heck of a looper. It feels really good in your hand, it has a perfect shape for looping, and returns right to your hand. It feels good and firm, solid after climbing back up the string.

Product Specifications (YoYoNation)-
Shape Modified Imperial
Weight (g) 51.40
Width (mm) 35.64
Diameter (mm) 57.97
Gap Width (mm) 2.88
Bearing Size 6.3x9.49x3.14
Gap Type Adjustable
Stock Response YYJ Double O-Ring

Summary-There isn’t much to say except, this is a good looping yo-yo for anyone who wants to start looping, or already is. I would definitely recommend this yo-yo to a friend. In terms of looping, 10/10.


Good review!


Great review! And, nice banner. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

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Thanks guys more to come!

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But then again, pictures would be nice.


Great review SR!

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Thanks. More to come!

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Agreed. The Sunset’s are the best loopers that I tried. Good Reviw. Well written. :wink:

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Yeah,they are the best that I have tried. Thanks!


I think you could’ve added more to the product play, but otherwise, nice review!

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awsome reveiw