Sunset Trajectory

I have some questions about the sunset trajectory(i know it’s discontinued :-[). The reason behind me posting this thread is, that a kid at school had one, and seeing me yo yoing offered to sell it to me for $5, i tried it out and loved it! So i bought for the $5 and now I’m wondering what the difference between normal sunsets and nxgs because i want to know which one i have.

honestly, even after reading these, I still don’t know.

I just know the nxg replaced the normal ones.

Look at the caps, where the yellow hair of the eagle is. If yours is a NXG, then there would be NXG marking there, if not, then it should be the original ones.

Yes - if you click on the pix on the yoyowiki site you can clearly see that the original has “ST” on the caps and the NXG has “NXG”

Seems the NGX is a little bigger, a little wider, but same weight and response.

Exactly what I was gonna say.

Does anyone know how to remove the caps from the sunset? Suction doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m guessing It’s basically the same as removing unleashed caps.

Wet the suction cups. They stick better.