Yoyoexpert's Sunset Trajectory

(YoYoBlaze) #1

So I was looking at the Sunset Trajectory that you can buy here at YoyoExpert. I was wondering if that specdific model that they’re selling is the NXG cuz I see on the pic to the right of the Eagle/Falcon it says ST NXG. I was also wondering if I should buy this after I get the basics down. Thnx!!!

(JonasK) #2

They sell the NXG.

If you buy it, you will eventually end up using it for loops. You CAN do string tricks on it, but you’ll end up missing a lot.

(YoYoBlaze) #3

Yeah. Sorry for not mentioning it, I was intending to learn looping on it. Would it be good after I got the basics down(I’m gonna buy a Speed Beetle at toys’r’us or something just to start learning)

(JonasK) #4


Naw they suck  :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, I got 42 loops in a row on it, so they don’t suck, but I do like the Sunset Trajectory more.


yes these are the NGX’s
I wouldnt suggest this yoyo for string tricks because the gap is so little.
but it is very good on my opinion for looping


He was…joking.

(YoYoBlaze) #8

so would you guys recomend the loop 900 over the Sunset NXG?