Sunset Trajectory NXG vs. Loop 900

i am looking for another pair of 2A yoyos. i’m not a beginner, as i can do loops, forward passes, around the world, etc. so in your opinion, do you like the Loop 900 and is it good? and comparing that against the Sunset, which is better in your opinion?

well i asked the same questio not to long ago. a lot of people told me that neither are great for beginners. what i am doing right now is simply picking up a speed beetle at toys ‘r’ us or someplave else to practice the looping basics. After that i’m going to get the Sunset NXG since it’s ball bearing and has double O-rings(which seem to be a good combination.

The nxg is a little better due to wieght and you can still use it if your a beginner.

Well considering the Loop 900 isn’t out yet I would say NXG.