Sunset, Can you remove the rims?


The title says it all!


What do you mean “The Rims” on the NXG’s?

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Do you mean the caps?
If so, they are removeable.
One of mine came off before when it hit my floor.


Caps, how?

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Forgot, but mine came off with this simple equation.

Sunset + Floor = Cap fly away


havent heard of any way,but it is possible


i used a suction cup. took a few minutes but it worked

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Why would you want to remove the caps anyway? I thought sunsets were for looping.


lol Domin lent his sunset to my friend, my friend didn’t attach it to his finger properly, it flew to the floor, and the caps flew off.

I think a suction cup might work, just get an extra big one. If you don’t have that, whack it against a rock. Maybe you can poke a small hole at the sides and pry it out with a knife?


Robert Has, but I don’t know how… ???

I’d try poking it with a shape object and prying it out.


i have done it with my sunset with a suuction cup. it makes it much lighter though, and a little harder to loop…

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And it also has a weird feeling in my hand without caps. It feels so… empty.


Mine was customized, so it has bulby caps on it now. Makes all the difference.

Just kidding.


Sunset’s caps are so cheap its amazing. They came loose, so I took a screwdriver and wedged it on the edges and… POP!


Well, I don’t think you should make a generalization about that caps, because it can sometimes not be %100 true :wink: