My sunsets

i love them even though i just got them today and no we hace to leave but i was wondering if theres anyway i can take those relic caps off i dont like the color of the eagle in motion its pretty ugly on the green ones off white yellow and green and orange dont spin to make something amazing =/

a good suction cup will take em right off.

Or another way, and I don’t recommend this, but you can throw the yoyos and somehow get them to hit each other.
The caps will fly off.
This has happened to me often when a 2A trick goes wrong.
Now again, please if you can try the suction cup method.

Use the CRASH as a last resort!

Good luck!


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Or get a flat screwdriver? You know, just a flat edge for the - screws. Just try to pry it out.

yeah i didnt have a suction cut powerful enough but i did have a sharpish screw driver on my multi tool and i tryed some phisical tharapy puddy from when i broke my finger made for REALLY good make shift weights because its so runny the centerprail (or how ever the heck you spell it) spins it into a weight look at both amounts and make sure there evan and btw if you use the scredriver you ill get a little scratch on your ca just use that evertime. im putting string in there for now no wiehgt plus if i run out of string… pop and i got one! most of them are used up scnece i need the scredriver for them but w/e. Its an easy mod to make your sunset beast and you can even blend colored string mmmmmmmmm