Removing Sunset Trajectory's Design

Hey guys,

I plan to remove my sunsets’ designs when i get them. I’m not too sure if the designs are stickers pasted onto the sides or if they’re printed on.

So anyone knows how to remove the designs without damaging the original colour of the yoyo?

You’ll probably have to take some screws out that are holding the plastic cover of the design. That is, I’m pretty sure they’re just pieces of paper behind that plastic.

Use a Suction cup to take off the caps, They’re just pieces of paper.

There are no screws holding the caps of a Sunset Trajectory on.

Oh ok. I was just clearing the possibilities.

I don’t know if you are trying to be funny, but I don’t think so. It was pretty funny though.

If we are eliminating all the possibilities, don’t forget to take the tape off of the caps too.

Ha I wasn’t trying to be funny but I guess I’m just a natural. :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t forget to pull the yoyo out of the box it might be in. (I was trying there)

haha okay. so just use a suction cup to open it up and take out the paper? does the suction cup have to be strong?

It needs to be at least close to the size of the cap. A little bit smaller works too, but I don’t think it’ll work if it’s too big.

Suction cups work. The bigger the suction cup is, the easier it will be to take off the caps. ;D

so any kind of cup will do? will the kind used to stick signs and stuff onto glass surfaces work?

Perfectly. That’s what I use.

Correction, the closer to the size of the cap the easier it will be.

hmm okay thanks alot. and any idea what the guy wears on his left arm in this video?

i think it makes tricks like wraps easier.

and btw, does anyone know the diameter of THAT PIECE OF PAPER under the sunset’s cap? haha i plan to print my own and put it inside xD