Summit vs Anglam (also CC) vs Equilateral vs Genesis vs Supernova vs Superstar


Which one do you think is the best? I am looking for a yoyo that can play fast, is good for 5a and 1a and horizontal play, is stable and the size doesn’t matter. I know I have listed a lot of options but please help me.


Anglam and Equilateral are designed for 1A in mind, as well as horizontal play and speed. I don’t see anything wrong with going 5A with these. The Equilateral is a bit wider though, so just keep that in mind. Of the YYF’s I ahve, the Equilateral is my hands down favorite. It unseated the MVP, which unseated the SuperStar.

The SuperStar, with stacks(or not) has that center post in it. The shape isn’t quite as suitable for horizontal play, but can do it, but those gyro grinds aren’t really as nice to do thanks to the post.

The Summer seems more 1a oriented, but it does have a touch more center-weight so I’d say it would be a good “all around” performer, but it’s not super fast, and it’s not the most ideal shape for horizontal play, and depending on the side effects, the gyro grinds might not work out too well, so you might want to choose ultra lights for your side effects. It would be an ideal 5A yoyo.

I didn’t care for the Genesis and SuperNova, so I won’t go into those. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with these yoyos, they just didn’t work well for me. Both are used a lot for 5A, so that should be encouraging for you.

All of these can be smooth, stable and long spinning.

(kclejeune) #3

I have summits, and they kick the butt of any other YYF I own. I haven’t tried the equilateral, but I’ve tried all the others. The Anglam also seems very very good.

I found that the summits can actually play very fast. I can go full speed since they are fairly light. However, that’s coming from the dude who plays fast with a surge, so I guess that says something…


i haven’t tried many of these yoyos, but i owns suoernova and I’ve tried a summit. The summit is very smooth, especially because it has a one drop 10 ball bearing. And it has clyw auqa response pads, which are really good. The supernova comes stock with a YYF bearing, not the best bearing. It is kinda floaty to me and smooth enough. Both have an h shape, which isn’t too good for horizontal, but it’s okay.


The anglam is probably best suited for fast speed and horizontal, being Mickey’s signature. I didn’t like the equilateral very much, it’s really wide and feels awkward. The metal also feels kinda like plastic, I don’t know, it just feels different. The supernova and genesis are both very good at 5A, 1A, horizontal, and can both be pushed to high speeds.

I’ve never tried the summit or the superstar.


Okay so I am going to buy the Anglam CC, but I am thinking about buying a second yoyo. This will probably be my last question for a while, so which should i buy: the Equilateral or the Summit, based on my preferences above?


Wait for the new wider, no stacks Superstar that is coming out.

(UmeNagisa) #8

The summit is quite the 5A beast.
And does handle horizontal very flawlessly

I own 3, and I never looked back.


Any other opinions?


Yup, or a chief.


Ok then, how about Cliff vs Summit?

(UmeNagisa) #12

That hurts.
2 of my all time favorites…

(kclejeune) #13

Summit. Cliff is fun but I wouldn’t personally use it in a comp. it doesn’t click with me like the summit. One of my favorite throws nonetheless.