Summit Duncan sf yo-yo oh yes yo and more

Hey y’all

Got some throws for sale again

Clyw one drop - summit - 100 nmtbs

Duncan tourney -60 nmtbs

Duncan mkt -40 two weeks old lol

Oh yesyo lust has a dent in the rim still plays well -60obo

Sf bliss - 100 nmtbs

Yyf bi metal shutter -90 nmtbs

Rain city skills metal head -35 small scuff

G2 arbiter blackout -100 has small scuff

Magic yo-yo vulfgang -70 obo nmtbs

Bread and butter Flying Dutchman -40 weird flaw that is hard to find on photos

I can definitely provide more photos and even a video if needed don’t be afraid to make me offers


@JWaugh Akita

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Bump prices lowered on summit and Akita

akita sold.


Galaxy diver is gone.

New throws added


Arbiter and bi shutter are gone .

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