Hi, after my last post, some are sold and I find more to add. Prices is in GBP and all offers are welcomed. Free shipping within UK. Will cover the shipping if you pick 2 or more globally. If you are interested in any, just PM and we can work out best deal.

LF/trade: 7 summit, summit, OD any

Still available:
clyw AC1
clyw avalanche
yyf metavity (price incluidng global shippping)
yyf mvp1
yyf OG shutter
yyf OG genesis
yyf primo
yyf czm8
yyf california
yyf nightmare
yyf OG skyline
yyf expedition
yoyo tricks civility
yyf kapital
yyf 2014 shutter
yyf 2021 shutter
yyf equilibrium
yyf avant-garde
duncan freehand al
yyf 1UP




Hey I have a bunch of throws I’m trying to trade I’ll trade 3-6 of them depending on the yo-yo you want to trade for them I’m trading so many because some are expensive and others aren’t as expensive

Sry man. If these are your whole things for trade, I am afraid I cannot. I have tried or owned most of it :slight_smile:

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Updated with lots new yo-yos. Bump

Add lots new yo-yos. Bump

Sunday bump. If you have a 7 summit can let go. Pls let me know

Some are sold today. Lots are available. Bump

Bump. Any trade for any OD?

Bump. Adjust the price

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