Suicide: Loop won't open?

I’ve been doing Suicides for a bit and have been landing them a fair amount of times. Though, ever since I got this 2nd hand Raptor from a friend, the loops tend to not open up. I always check the string tension so that’s not the problem. Any thoughts?

If you pull on the string with your throw hand mid suicide, the loop will get bigger. That let’s you do suicides even with string tension. I didn’t explain that well, but if you watch the tutorial from yotricks you should see what I mean.


get your throw hand as close to the yo-yo as possible[color=limegreen] :)[/color].

What bearing does it have? Flat bearings help greatly for suicides.

I think it’s just the stock bearing that comes along with the Raptor.

I was just working on suicides last night and I found that if I kept less string on the loop side (keep the yoyo closer to my non throw hand), it helped keep the loops open wider when I spin it over. I landed 6 in a row after I started paying attention to that. I used to do it with about equal length string on each side of the yoyo and that wasn’t really working out.

Always keep the yo-yo moving

Interesting. Thanks for the share! Shall try that out once I get new response pads. :smiley: