TMBR TOYS Irving or Yomega Maverick? (or both?)


well the maverick has a bearing and the irving does not. so if you want a bearing get the maverick, if you want a wooden fixed axel get the irving.


I would get the irving because it is different and intriguing. At least to me but don’t be put down by it not having a bearing.




I think not having a bearing is a put off to most people. Myself included for now. But, at this point, I don’t need the frustration that a fixed axle will give to me. Now, having said that, when I get better, I’m going to need to find more ways to challenge myself and it seems fixed axle is a good way to go about that. So, while a fixed axle isn’t for me right now, it’s not something I won’t consider in the future.

We ALL need variety to stay sharp. Shapes, sizes, weights, bearing sizes and even axle types. Most of us should own a good fixed axle yoyo.


Yomega maverick was my first legit yoyo. It doesn’t come with the spacers when you buy it, contrary to what Yomega has on their site…which totally sucked. If you’re going to spend $30-40 on a yoyo, just get a protostar or northstar. The maverick will take you from beginner to intermediate play, whereas a proto/northstar can take you from beginner to master.

There are some nice things about the maverick…like uh…the fact that it’s metal? And I like smaller yoyo’s as well. But once I got my protostar, I was able to master all those tricks that just seemed impossible on my maverick and I was like, “Ohhh snap. I just should’ve bought this in the first place.”

Also too…Yomega doesn’t use standard sized bearings or response systems. So if you don’t like what it comes with out of the box, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

…that’s just my $0.02 on the maverick. I don’t know much about the Irving though.