I think that we can all agree that the most common two tricks that have “I’m having trouble with…” threads are magic drop and boing e boing. I know that people have there own specific problems with these two tricks, but I feel like people just end up posting the same things on each of these threads about both tricks.

So now, onto the suggestion. What if two separate threads were made dedicated to helping people with these tricks? We could all post advice or videos on these threads that could help people with boing e boing or magic drop. I know that a lot of people don’t search for things, they just think and post, but I do believe that this would decrease the amount of these types of threads that we see.

Also, just for anyone reading this who has made these kinds of threads, I believe they are completely justifiable things to post about, there are just a lot of them.


My own preference is for separate topics on this rather than glom them all into one. Too many cooks spoil the stew. :slight_smile:


well, this is if yoyoing was only for 1A, but if you take all the other styles, there are many tricks like that (look easy, hard to do)

on another note, I play for over a year, never bothered to learn magic drop (just happened to be able to do it out of nothing after some time), but I never use it, never found a constant use for it and rarely see people using it. how relevant is it?


I don’t think it’s a particular relevant trick, but people who go up the trick list here on YYE almost always get stuck on magic drop.


Should this be in the tricks section? I think yes.


I think no. Site improvements maybe.