suctioned cup stall

(Owen) #1


for Mr. Gee’s contest thingy.


all be danged that was slick, hehe you pulling off some sleight of hand there errrrr sleight of mouth lol.

Jedi lip trick!!!


thats awesome… and mildly disturbing :smiley:


Interesting. Quite interesting…

I like it. Nice trick. :smiley:


Very unique :slight_smile:


Love it!


I am laughing so hard right now

But seriously

Trick is dope


this is awesome. hahaha


That is really cool. I couldn’t do something like this (mysophobia comes into play) but this is a really sweet trick. That would be awesome to see someone bust this trick out in the middle of a competition. I could see the crowd flipping their lid!

(Owen) #10

thanks all, just remember to stay in school and kiss your mommy every night and someday you’ll make a trick as wack as this.