Such tricks. Wow.

!!! Hey!


Much good

Very yoyo


Wow is right!

Thanks guys!

Yeah, but that bump tho!

That was pretty good. I could see you finishing well at contests, but seeing as you don’t like to, I am not going to make you.

BTW, is that a One Drop Rally that you were using?

I get that contest comment a lot haha. No worries.

The Yoyo I am using is indeed a Rally. It’s the spring green one :). I own both this one and a clear one. They play different.

Last bump!

such jealous. meny wow.

Haha, glad you liked it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved that last combo actually that looks really cool. NICE JOB!

I love that trick too. I filmed it really sloppy lmao, but when I film repeaters pt. 3, its going in.

Really love this vid, plus the music. Couldn’t resist bumping it :smiley:

haha thanks! Go check out my newer video :slight_smile:


EDIT : I bumped the wrong video D: