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Watch in 720p :smiley:


Yeah, you’re definitely going somewhere. So good.

Sweet video. Nice variety of tricks, work on that flow a little though. Some of the movements are a little choppy but nice ideas put together well.

This video was like 80 practiced tricks and 20 percent new on-the-spot tricks.

Thanks for your input, guys!

That was fun to watch. Lots of neat little elements in there that you don’t see in every video.


Awesome vid bro…it’s stuff like this that keeps pushing me to get better

Damn dude, thanks a ton. It means a lot.


Free bump for a great video and thrower!

This is Evan on Fbook btw

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Bump because Stephen is the bomb.

Bump because Stephen is a bomb, slowly ticking to the point of explosion, and when he explodes, BAM WORLD CHAMPION

<3 you guys!

Great Job :slight_smile: this was the first video of 13 today that I have actually been entertained with enough to watch all the way through and go back a few times to re watch some of the cooler tricks :smiley: Keep it up!

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That totally means a lot. I love it when videos have a replay factor, and i’m glad one of mine busted that move too :].