"New Adventures In Lo-Fi"


i’m sure the audio will be taken down any minute.


it’s a yo-yo video. mostly full of simple yo-yo tricks. i had some help from friends.

Ed… words cannot describe the amount of respect and awe I have for you.

Great video

that was just amazing

Loved every second of it.

Wow just wow. That zipper stalls was just evil. :wink:

OMFGFHIAKHIENGOAIHEINAIHGIALIEHK I dont even know what that means and I’m saying it, OMG, absolutly AMAZING!!!

I know you’re not sposed to do this with vids but… because of the true awsomeness of this video,


True yo-yo BLISS! :slight_smile:

You should change your name to Stop-and-Go King!

I’m still new but I remember the first time I started to look at “freestyle” videos and side from the ones Andre did, yours were the first. They compelled me to try everything I can. Knowing that you lived close by makes me feel better to know that doesn’t matter where you live, yoyoing can be done. Yoyo’s don’t understand nor do they need maps. Out of many people, you are probably the one yoyoist I’d like to meet in person and actually watch yoyo.

dang dude. :slight_smile:
i’ll look forward to trading tricks.

thanks guys.

Dude that was chap. actually, its blimmin professional. could you please make a tut for that moray eel attacks?

always pleasure to watch you throw.