It's Never Been Like That


I like. :slight_smile: I’ve never seen him in a normal yo-yo video only tutorials. Great.

Nice video smooth finger work WOOT.

I loved it.


makes everyone else (really just me) look like a total n00b

Amazing. Now I have to watch this about 100 more times.

Awesome! Gernard Amento is BACK!!!

Happy Throwing! =]

Thanks for the comments guys!

Awesome yoyoing! Real smooth!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a yoyo video that showed the thrower’s personality so well. It was really fun to watch.

One word…AWESOME!!!

What yoyo did you use? Amazing video!

Hitman. Thanks everyone!

Thank You for sharing, I enjoyed that very much! Keep it coming G man!

awesome vid. ;D

whats the song?

If you ever have a question about a song from any of my videos, check out the site.