Constructive ctriticism is always welcome, but please dont hate. I know im not the best yoyoer but im an average joe who like to make videos for the communtity. So dont tell me I suck because I know.  ;D

Me and Logan are friends, so Logan sucks! Jk, but anywho…nice video. And chuck norris is my hero ;D

Very Nice video well put together. The best was the beginning because of the post of the Yo-Yos. I like when people do that. As for the tricks, they are very nice, work on them a little so it will look smoother and nicer. Only thing that i find that was a bit not clear was when you put the Camera on a top view, or the bottom view. Recommendation when doing that is, do trick that requires less movement to you can always see the yoyo.

I loved it and very nice. It was awesome it was the first time seeing you yoyo, i only see you do vlogs, reviews and unboxing vids so it was great for me to see you yoyo.



tricks were deadly, smooth and consistent!

On a side note: do kids your age even know who Chuck Norris is? I’m just curious

Thanks you guys and yeah bro he’s like jesus’s cousin haha jk butr yeah walkr texas ranger bro!