my new video!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy and i love comments ;D

Wow! Nice job!



Awesome vid! ;D

Hey, you don’t go to a place called the wizard’s chest every sunday fro yoyo club do you?

If not, sorry, thought you were someone else…

i do go the wizards chest

cool, so do i.

Made of pure awesome. I loved it how you did a brief victory arm gesture after every trick. XD

Loved the yoyoing… Some of the camera angles weren’t great…

Over all it was a good video

you might want to shorten the strings a bit
overall though
it was pretty good

thanks everyone who posted ;D ;D ;D ;D

Nice job! Great tricks and super smooth!

thats a first

amazing video … ;D

Hey Matt. Welcome to yye!!! Nice vid BTW. :wink: (i’m David that comes to yoyo club sometimes)


Good YoYo Video :wink: