Such a great place!!!


So today I noticed that MokeMonty is a left handed thrower. So I sent him a message with a question being I’m also a left handed thrower. To my surprise he messaged me back. Thanking me for my question sayi that we will talk about it in his next vlog. I just love how everyone is so welling to help and answer questions. It doesn’t seem like people let things go to their head, and I love that about this community. What do you guys think???


guess who else Is left handed … Me!!!

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The longer you’re around the more you realize this isn’t entirely true. Enjoy it while it lasts for you. Yes, for the most part everyone here is extremely helpful and willing to contribute positively and informatively but sometimes certain people in certain threads get carried away, myself included sometimes. YYE isn’t what it used to be at all when I joined but it’s still by far the best hub of yoyoers online in my opinion and a great place to be with many people who make it great.


Yupp you’ll get used to it :slight_smile: I gotta admit the Yoyo Community is great have fun finding after hobbies that are similar :wink:

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Shhhh. I’m stalking my prey



Shhhh. I’m stalking my prey

Hahaha that’s funny…@abby that’s awesome to hear it seemed like from all the vids I’ve seen I might be like one of a few left handed throws lol


I have yet to actually meet anybody from within the yoyoing community in the 3 years I have been involved, but based on my online interactions it is definitely 1000x better than any gaming community out there. The resources available online are massive.


Agreed. (Shaking my head)


I think it’s my previous forum experiences that make me wonder why you people say the YYE community isn’t as good as it should be.

On the previous forum I used, on, for Rumble fighter, the community was REALLY bad. It was just flame, trolling, and fighting.

Don’t worry about what these guys tell you. It’s the internet, I find it easy to enjoy the community here if you ignore some little problems here and there.


people used to say yoyonation used to be great, then it sucked.
and before that, people used to say TheYo used to be great, then sucked.
and before that, people used to say used to be great, then sucked.

IMO they were all great and sucked in their own ways.

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Am I good?


Me too! Yay for lefties!


Me too :slight_smile:


I throw yoyo lefty.

I throw sports balls righty.

I write lefty.

I play guitar righty.

I eat lefty.

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I’m a lefty too!


All of us lefties should like start a small army…

(And yes, that means I’m a lefty too.)


I am also a lefty thrower and messaged Mike after his lets play episode one and he also replied and added my question to his next vlog. yay for southpaws!


I am lefty too.



Hey guess what guys… I’m not!
Edit: Never mind. I forgot I shoot left handed in hockey almost exclusively.


Another lefty here! More people than I expected to see saying they’re left handed