Successful conversion! (non-thrower to thrower)

I just got one of my friends at school to get into throwing! He’s got a pretty good sleeper and is learning his basic mounts. I’m pretty glad I managed to get someone into this wonderful pastime.

Gotten three of my freinds to convert also one of them is near my level.

I feel kind of sorry for the friend of mine that got me into it. I basically just flew right past him.

Haha when I started in 6th grade I got like five of my friends into it, but they all quit by now. My history teacher saw me throwing the other day, and pulled an old fixed axle of the top the shelf where he keeps all his knick knacks and dusted it off, he walked the dog, rocked the baby, trapeze, and I taught him a brother mount. He talked about how advanced yoyos are now, and I got one of those “back in the day” talks. It was really cool to see that spark back inside of him, he kept calling me a cheater as his yoyo would loose spin. He had a strong sleeper though, a good 20 seconds on that fixie he had (this all happened after a test in class, he lets us hang out and do whatever).

Real friends lift one another to greater heights, not caring if they are passed, only celebrating the others joys and accomplishments. Don’t feel badly that you passed him but rather share with him how what was shared has improved your world. Good friendships help us grow, offer unique experiences and insights, and sometimes involve a little yoyoing. :slight_smile:

Maybe the friend you just introduced to yoyoing will pass you now! ;D

Always good to hear someone passing on the joy of yoyoing. Enjoy!

I’m sorry of that came off in the wrong way (I seem to get misinterpreted an awful lot on these forums). He’s not upset or resentful at all, I was just being facetious. If anything he’s glad for me and happy that now he has a mentor! I think we both help to motivate each other.

I was suggesting to you that very thing. (But you already knew it) :wink:

I’ll admit that a little selfish part of me hopes my new pupil will remain my pupil because I’ve come to like being in the spotlight at school. However, the larger, more selfless part of me knows that if he does surpass me I will feel nothing but happiness for him (well, maybe a little jealousy, no one is perfect XD).

yeah hendy same thing happened to me. Just with me eveyone I have been trying to switch no luck so far. My family is trying to get my brother in law into yoyoing again, he was on a old yomega brain when he was in middle school. But my friend who got me into yoyoing was always better but he went to college and mostly stopped yoyoing I think. I have surpassed his skills but he is better at a few things and I’m better at a few things. It is good to have a few people who can yoyo with me or talk to them about upcoming events or tricks and overall yoyoing.

I often wish that I had someone close to my level to talk about trick theory and composition and stuff with. My friend that got me into it isn’t quite there yet.

I recently got a buddy of mine into it from work, first thing I taught him was to bind all I have are unresponsive so he had to learn that first.

Thats what happend to me! My friend at school started throwing again after I bought one of his old ones and his skill was WAY past mine. I later started throwing that Yomega he sold me and for some reason it wouldnt come up so I put the string into the gap and it came up! Later that week I started getting split bottom mount tricks and I shot off from there. He dosnt throw that much any more just when I have a throw with. My stuff now amazes him. So I guess you could say I was a conversion.