How many Have You Converted?

Just out of ceriostity, im wondering how many people you have converted to yoyo? Ill start, i converted about 5 people, my little brother, 3 friends, and a little kid in my neighborhood who thinks im sweet, and will not leave me alone. I dont mean to be a jerk, but does anyone (that has had experiences with this) have any advise on how to fix this?

Be mean to him? No, I don’t know haha, little kids always do this. My little cousin won’t leave me alone, it’s just because you’re older, you seem god-like to them.

I have converted a grand total of…TWO!
Mah best friend (tland, fillen3 (they’re the same person))
And a cool kid on my block…Nolan.

Its amazing what it does when you yoyo at school. i have converted 7!!

30? 40? idk how many r still into it tho.

I bring my yo-yo everywhere. Seriously, you can not find me without a yo-yo. I have no idea how many people I have influenced to become a yo-yoer. It’s alot though.

I’m the same as him except for the number of people I’ve converted. I bring my yo-yo everywhere, but so far, only 2-3 of my friends at school are into yo-yoing. I have converted 2 adults as far as I know. I’m not sure if they’re yo-yoing now, though.

Depends how serious you mean. A couple people stole my yoyos (well just borrowed but whatever =P) and were using them before we started Calc today, so that’s 5-ish people that actually tried. Umm a teacher last year, a couple of friends. Yoyo club starting on Monday and several people there…So I could say quite a few I guess. (Hope that I can keep 10 people in this yoyo club :D)

  1. But now 1 because my friend can’t yoyo right now because of broken friction stickers.

Just 1. My younger cousin.

But I’ve gotten hundreds of people to play Naruto CCG, Pokemon, and Battle Spirits.

It just is what it is. Kids look up to older people, period. I will admit that it can sometimes be annoying, but this is way I think of it: I am 22 years old. I have never done drugs. I have never smoked a cigarette. I can either be nice to these kids, show them how far the right path can get them, or you can ignore them and have no influence on their life. I prefer showing kids that people take an interest in their future.

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1 my best friend.

Well said. :wink:

probably at least 35, my yo-yo club and a couple others. So yeah I love to see all the yoyos flying around!

for your “problem” just put on dumb yoyo show and then they think they are better than you
and maby ??? 2 ???

About 4 people have asked me how I learned to yoyo like I do, and of course I recommended this site. :slight_smile:

Don’t know if any of them stuck with it though. :wink:

2 Of my classmates.

He currently stop becuase he Offstring his Fast 201 then it got broken.

He’s main division is 4A with his hayabusa, and now he can do consecutive Eiji’s Regen.


HE THOUGHT YOYOing WAS LAME, but i smacked some sense into him and now hes addicted


1 that got a yoyo, another 1 who found an imperial around their house but doesn’t throw because his throw just bounces, and a bunch of people who want a yoyo.