Styles of 3A

(Luna Harran) #1

What are your thoughts on the different types of 3A tricks out there? The slower, more intricate and technical 1A-like 3a tricks, the big 5a-esque tricks with yoyos swinging around, the simultaneous, symmetrical tricks, and anything else. As 3A gets more diverse, with harder and harder tricks being performed on stage, what direction do you think it’s heading in, and what do you want to see pushed the most?


Cool question!

I think the 1A like stuff is cool and super hard but I don’t really consider it “3A”. It usually just looks like 1A with a prop to me, if that makes any sense… I think the 5A type stuff is most popular now, and I really like that the most. I just hope to see people doing more stuff with that instead of just basic mounts, though. I think that this will be a big trend in 3A, and we’ll definitely see a lot more tricks like this.

(Luna Harran) #3

What do you think of horizontal 3A potential? With some of Patrick Borgerding’s tricks, and Hajime doing full horizontal trapeze combos, do you think it’ll be pushed further, or stay as a small thing?


Probably will stay small. It’s so difficult I feel like very few will be able to master it like Hajime does. Even he messes it up pretty often.