3A players

Hello. Just wanted to know how many people play mainly 3A, if you do, just say I and state your progression in that style (optional).
Thank you :slight_smile:

I… 6th at nats

I don’t.

I have a friend who started 3a at the earliest point he could, and hardly plays 1a anymore as far as I know. I think the prospect of that is exciting, but he’d prolly be better off in terms of trick creation if he had a larger base of 1a elements to apply to 3a.

I can do it, and I practice it every now and then. Not toooo serious about ATM, I can do the basics. I do want to get more serious with 3a later on though

I could do it. i tried to work on incorporating fingerspins a few months ago and have an idea to do it but havent tried it yet or bothered coming back to 3A.
I suck at velvet combos and my blue line combos are pretty mediocre

I can do, like, two tricks on a good day. I most do 1A and 5A.

I once landed double consecutive trapeze from a throw years ago.
I treated myself as a goddess the rest of the day… :3

And here I was thinking that many people have never tried 3A haha.

Chong yichen AP2014. Fingerspins :slight_smile:

Been playing 3A for awhile now, still haven’t gotten double trapeze down :frowning: Oh well, Hank freeman won 2013 worlds with 1 double trapeze.

Wow, nice. Nats 2014? I’ll have to check that freestyle out.

I can do 3a but with “old school” tricks like loops and such :stuck_out_tongue:

once I played 3a and I sucked.