One month 3A

A little over one month since i began learning 3A….

thats pretty fricken sweet dude!! im trying to learn 2A and having so much trouble with my left, looks like you’re getting pretty good control with both hands

thanks man, yeh getting comfortable with my non dominant hand was the first obstacle to overcome

I tried 3a once… lets just say not my thing and leave it at thet. Okay i have to tell you.

So i decided to try 3a just for fun because it looked cool. I tried to throw both and get them back up and it worked fine. But then i was stupid and tried to make up a trick and gashed my head and lets just say long live that metal drifter that flew off my finger… :’(

Bummer man, i would say keep trying but it would appear your mind (and your head) is made up! lol