Anything but 1A?


Just messing around with other styles :slight_smile: Hope y’all enjoy.


there’s 2a and you’re not bad at it :wink:


You never did any 3a  :frowning:


I wish I could, but I can’t, therefore I didn’t :frowning: Maybe someday?


Nice video! I like how you incorporated juggling with looping. I have always wanted try that, but I can barely juggle with two hands let alone one hand. :-[


one hand is easier :wink:


Come to 3A, It’s fun, addicting, and easy once you get the basic tricks down with your nondominant hand.


I was just going to say this. We saw everything but 3A ??? ??? haha but nice job, really liked the juggling by the way :wink:


Sorry y’all. I just can’t do 3A at all. Maybe I should learn…


Nice job man. Very talented. Great vid!