My 3A Vid!

I have been practicing 3A for a while and I am not very good but there are not very many tutorials that I can find so here is my (hopefully) first 3A video.
Feedback/ Constructive critisism appreciated.

That’s pretty good. I’ve been working on my 4a. I tried 3a and i coulden’t get my left hand too throw the yo-yo. It would be weird.


Same, I cant do anything with left

Good Job! Better then I could even do.

it is hard to do. especially hard to make a video.
I still have trouble getting a string throw with my left hand consistantly.
I went throught an hour filming the footage for this.
here is a preview of a video that i’m working on.

Cant wait fer the whole thing

^^ actually I have it all filmed the day I made the other two but uploading takes forever so it won’t be up for a while.

I going to be working on a 4A video soon.

4a is awesome! But it’s hard to tape- i nailed my camera once lol

Woah! Awesome.

The best advice I can give you on 3a…is to shorten your strings. Try it out… :wink:

congradulations! you are the 6th person to mention that to me. I will try it.

after trying shortened string it fells really uncomferable so I will let my 3A practice hang for now and work on my 1A,4A, and some Mobious.

It was funny when the two yoyos hit and got all tangled up.

3A is very cool to watch. I have never tryed it, but it looks hard.

Also, try using different colored strings.

what are you talking about? I did that intentionally. Just Kidding yeah, I did mess up but I decided to put it in there.
Also when I released the kinky reverse Double or nothing (you probaly know it trapeze and his bro.)
and it fell I was not expecting that so I gave it this wierd look sort of thing.

I don’t have but one colored string.

Looks like your on your way!..

thanks, and nice to see you here.