How do you create 3a tricks that Click?

(Domenic Carpentieri) #1

I can Make tricks,But I Reuse The Same elements over and over and would like some tips to help make better trick Construction,Thanks



Kinda funny question since I really don’t focus on making tricks that score in 3A. To be honest, I assume that the judging in 3A all over is still very undeveloped… not many judges really understand 3A imo. I just have fun with it. BUT, I think it’s always good to work with different mounts and elements. You can do so much from a double trapeze, so much from corocoro, etc. Also, look to players for inspiration and try to learn some tricks you don’t have in your repertoire now!


Another good tip is work with translating concepts from other styles into 3A. I mainly do a lot of 1A elements.