Stunt-spiked, reshaped kickside


I’m selling this on the BST thread if you’re interested :wink:,47007.msg453295.html#msg453295
I still have 2 available slots for modification service if you’re interested. PM me for a link to my modification website for a list of my services and a gallery of all my work.

(George Wollaston) #2

Oooh, pretty!


I came up wth a new idea for yoyo clips. Do alot of people actually use yoyo clips?


what’s a yoyo clip?


the holders with the carabeners that clip to your belt lood. i definetly use them. nothingss worse than hearing a clang and realising your 150 dollar throw slipped out of your pocket onto concrete


don’t wear pants without two of em on me!

…not much creepin now…