Stuff for trade and sale! LF Viszilla, any broken throws!

I need to make some extra cash! Help me out by getting a throw modded! Just send me a message with what you want!!!

YYF x Turning Point Chaotic- Very nice yoyo! Has some damage on the rims that look more like faded anodize. Very smooth, with no vibe from what I can tell! $45 shipped!

SPYY Addiction- Same damage as the Chaotic, damage on the rims that don’t break the ano. No vibe from what I can tell. $75 shipped

SPYY Radian- Mint condition with box. No vibe from what I can tell. Will only trade for a Viszilla.

Viszilla- Major want, any condition, preferably beat, does not need to include the original side effects.
Code 2- Any condition
Skyline- Any year.
888x-Will only trade the Chaotic, not the SPYYs
Also looking to buy any broken throws, for what ever reason, threads are stripped, super vibey, damaged bearing seat, etc.

Bump, for the record, please send offers through PMs.

Current offer is 60!

C’mon guys, help me out!

Bump! Cold Fusion added, more to come!

Bump! New stuff added!

Dietz sold!!! Will be adding some stuff over the next week!

Got the lathe, but in serious need for cash!

Bump! Buy the two Hours!

Bump! Bring me a Viszilla!!!

Bump, need cash for something quickly, so $45 shipped gets the Chaotic!