Studio42 just summed up my (and probably our) thoughts.


When asking for help, please state your preferences and not simply ask, “Should i get this?”


True that.


I think he said it because the OP has posted a “which should I get” thread about every post he’s made.

(Waylon) #4

Sometimes I think half of those posts are for attention. Either that, or it’s laziness. Google for reviews, search the forums, buy a freaking yoyo for crying out loud. Who needs a week long debate about whether to buy a Trigger or a Protostar?


Trigger by far. ;D


Although this may be found humorous in some ways, it’s important that the issue is addressed.

Most times people posting in the Help child board are very inexperienced and they’re looking for a second opinion. In this case, they may not even have any preferences, but that should be stated.

Simply asking, “Should I get this?” or “What about this?” will not provide us any insight as to what you are looking for.

Even just recently I’ve seen more of these, and I’d like to help the people I can, but if you ask directly about a single yoyo, or any number even, without providing us your thoughts or preferences, Studio42’s answer is the only appropriate one.

If I see any questions about the Protostar any time soon, I will not be a happy camper. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, the Champions Edition addresses how good it is.

(Waylon) #7

I think most of us experienced players can agree that the simplest, and probably best, response in most cases would be, “buy whatever looks cool and fits your budget, throw til your heart’s content”. I say we all start giving that answer unless the OP has a specific, informed, valid question regarding a potential purchase. Make the little buggers work for good advice. Kids have it too easy these days as it is. Besides, it might encourage them to ignore the tribal chants of fanboy hype and explore their own preferences, rather than someone else’s.

Trigger FTW : D


This is usually my criteria. If it looks cool and I have the money I go for it.
Haven’t been disappointed yet.

My feelings precisely.

(Jace) #9

usually works… and works better now but there was a day when some of us bought the hicoo black because it looked cool and came in a can…