Hey all. I am in a tight spot. I cant seam to learn any knew tricks. I have the idea down for double or nothin’ but I can only do it fluently once every other other other other other other throw. When I do it properly I can almost do matrix. I recently learned zipper but that gets old soon. All the trix I can do are fun. So do have any suggestions for me.


Practice and get the tricks you already know solid that way it will be easier to build off of them.


Three choices.

1: Most of us plateau and it will take us a bit to get going again. Some of us just plain can’t move forward. Practice and don’t give up, chances are you’ll be able to step up again.

2: Work on what you know, build up skills and confidence. You’ll be ready to dive in again soon.

3: Walk away. Not forever, just a little bit. Maybe a day, maybe a few days, maybe longer. Get yourself away from it to clear your head and break your mindset. Then, come back with a fresh outlook and get back into it. I know for me, I have to walk away due to stupid things like a cut on my finger and I dont’ want to bleed all over strings(thank goodness I’m the only one who uses my yoyos!), or I get other injuries where it’s beneficial that I take a break from yoyo’ing. I find that when I come back, I seem to feel I’m a little bit better.

There’s no single right. Keep at it, you’ll get it. Some things just take more time than others.


Its normal. happens to everyone i think. You’ll progress and keep progressing for a long time then hit a wall and not feel like your progressing for a while. It can last a week or longer, but if you just keep practicing you will break through it and be more stoked about it then ever before. Its just the usual ebb and flow. Keep throwing!!