stuck bearing in boss

So the axle in my boss has gotten stuck in one half of the yoyo the side of the axle that has the place to unscrew the axle is inside the yoyo. is there any way to remove the axle without breaking it

If the axle is in a position where there is a hex-type opening sticking out, you can use the YYF Multi-tool or a hex wrench to remove it.

If not, you can use the double nut method, where you put 2 nuts on the axle, tighten them together, then use a wrench or pliers to twist it out.

My method is a bit cruder, CAN work, but if it’s too tight, should be IMMEDIATELY abandoned because it has a good chance of damaging the axle: Wrap a used string around the axle, use that to give extra grip and then use pliers to twist it off. But if you hit excess resistance, you need to STOP using this method and go to the double nut method.

HOWEVER, it is possible that the axle has been intentionally placed in there with the intention of it not coming back out. This isn’t a knock against YYF. I don’t have a BOSS so I can’t relate. The only YYF metals I have currently are a dv888 and a Mighty Flea.