Stuck axle-please help

My axle in the Space Crown Ultra is stuck in the yoyo at a slight angle suggesting I put it in wrong… anyone know how to get out of this situation pls?

without seein’ a pic, i’d assume you stripped the threads in the half.

sounds like a good candidate for a hub mod?



The space crowns 7068 female threads are equivalent to t5 titanium. If the end of the axle with the set screw hex head is showing use a hex or Allen wrench and crank it out of there. If it is not showing, use a pair of vice grips or preferably electrical pliars, place the axle in the sharp snips squeeze hard enough to feel the aluminum axle give a little and maintaining a good firm grip with the yo-yo flat on a table crank it until you feel it give. (Use vice grips only if this method doesn’t work). After you can feel it give switch pliars to a pair with teeth that give you enough leverage. As soon as you are able to remove the axle use a tooth pick or a safety pin or sewing needle and apply a drop of thin or thick lubrication if you do not have lubrication apply WD40 to the pin and make sure the bearing is out or be very careful as to only apply the lubrication on the inside of the yo-yos axle hub. You will need a new axle (throw the other one out). Carefully thread it into the working side. Lay it flat on the table place the bearing snugly in the bearing seat of the half of your space crown with the axle in. Take the second half and keeping it level slowly start to feel the grooves accept the axle. You have altered the threads to where at a point when spinning it will stop, apply a small amount of pressure (increase if necessary) and keep it level you should be able to pick up both pieces and twist it hard to get past the point in which the threads stripped. (They’re not stripped yet but probably chewed up or marred. You will feel it snap back into its groove. Tighten it and be ready to buy another axle if you remove the two halves again use a new axles with sharp threads. (Try to purchase a stainless steel axle as its ductility is less and tensile capacity greater. You do not want to catch the crooked path you started to bore into the the axle sleeve. Also blow out the bearing seat and axle cuff prior to inserting the new axle.

When you received your space crown was there any burrs or bb’s/slag (it will feel rough and textured) around the axle sleeve? I ordered a space crown in the raw finish and it had this issue.

You can contact me direct if you have any other issues or questions. Keep throwing!!

Tняоw Tяue ࿃༾

Or… if you don’t want to destroy the axle - Wrap something around it and gently grip it with pliers to unscrew. Double sided tape, silicone jar opener, cloth - Anything thick enough to prevent damage to the axle and not too slippery should work fine.

If you bought it from us feel free to send me a message, happy to take a look at it for you if you want to send it back.

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No, I got it from YYF’s website

Is the hex head the side with the indent?

Edit: I checked my spare axle and I get it now. I wish it had been the hex side exposed…

Someone here thinks you’re a bit silly for posting your email and phone number on a public forum. I’ll leave it up to you to remove it if you see fit to do so. Otherwise, feel free to leave it there.

If you need more info, you can contact me at:


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Ok. The good news: I got it out and found out I had accidentally put in a 10mm axle instead on an 8mm

The bad news: The 10mm axle is completely spoilt.


I would think forcing a 10mm screw into an 8mm hole would have some deleterious effects on the threads.

And how do you proceed to do such an abhorrent act in the first place? Do you just take all of your yoyos apart and spread the parts on the table?? :radioactive:


Umm, I don’t think there is a way to fix that now…

Eh? The 10mm is screw length, not diameter!


Someone thinks I’m silly for posting my info eh?

Well thanks for leaving it up.

Okay, let’s slow it up. If you thought it was the diameter was the length how do you know it was 8 or 10?

  • axles are cheap. Don’t worry about the axle it CAN be replaced. The part that cannot is the threading on inside the axle hub.

You can go to your local hardware store and ask for “fasteners”. Specifically metric set screws. The length of the axle determine the diameter for set screws. A yo-yo axle like the space crown uses a set screw that fits an hex wrench or Allen wrench.

I’ve done some really extensive things to prolong the life of some of my favorite yo-yos including drill and tapping the hubs and even mill finishing “side effects” for yo-yos that don’t use them. Using snare tension methods to kill vibe. And HCL to remove ano for re-finishing… in the end what you use will not last forever. So be sure your price point is something you are able to part with. Every day that I end without losing a return top is a good day.

Wake up, throw repeat.


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eh? no, your info was great! that post was to jhb!

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Hold on, what was that about killing vibe?

The “eh” is supposed to go after haha.

eh? teen?


my apologies, i have a hard time followin’ the topic at times…however.

you mentioned - ‘My axle in the Space Crown Ultra is stuck in the yoyo at a slight angle suggesting I put it in wrong’

if you put in an axle that was too long, there should be no angle to consider. it should still thread true…especially with the correct diameter, aforementioned.

why did it thread at an ‘angle’ then? just curious…


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I think the length was nothing to do with it

So is your space crown ultra OK now? or what? maybe you could take a pic? This whole topic is super confusing to me, I have no idea what’s going on based on what you posted.