ok i know im stupid for doing this, so please dont judge me, but i put half of my 44 and half of my dv888 together. the axle from the dv got stuck on the 44 half… allen wrench side down. i need to get it off. ive tryed plyers, but after like 20 minutes all i did is shave the axle down. id like to get it off without damaging the yoyo. someone help?

So is the axle is now unusable? If so I would suggest clamping putting the axle with some vice grips and persisting with the axle that way also try holding the yoyo half in a rag in a vice firmly but to tight as you may deshape the yoyo half, and use the plier method. Another method can be to heat up the yoyo half some ever so slightly expanding the yoyo and the axle should in theory become looser.

But all of these ideas are usless if you have cross threaded the axle into the yoyo. If this has happened you will need to remove the axle by any means possible and mabey re tap the threads or send it away to have some modding done to repair the axle reciptical.

good luck.

i got it off!! :slight_smile: no need for anyone to reply to this topic… unless u REALLY want to.