strummol8 love help

Hey yall, i need some help throwing the love top. i have gotten throws down on the bearing king well, but the love doesnt want to land on its tip no matter what it seems. the best i can do is with a very unconventional throw with some wrist action at the end and even then it still lands on a 45 degree angle hardly on the tip and spins out shortly after. ive tried holding it in every way i can think of their must be some little trick to it. thanks in advance!

So problem solved…for anyone else having trouble…I just shortened the string after hearing that it shouldnt go up more than half way in “how to be a player volume 2” with the sound turned on this time :slight_smile: totally fixed it. as a very new (less than a month) id say the love is only slightly harder to throw than a bearing king. idk about tricks, but the throw isnt too difficult once the string was shortened 3-4 inches.

That’s cool you figured it out yourself.
How to be a Player is so fun to watch. I was just
doing fixed axle stuff and basically unaware of the new style
of throwing when I saw HTBAP the first time, and it pretty much took me from
just having fun with no-jive to being
a yo-yo and spin top addict … So i guess that’s a good thing… in an under achiever and proud of it
kind of way.

As Kevin said, well done figuring it out on your own. You are a true skill toy hacker.

If the string is short enough to throw but too sort to play, I make a super thin but super solid string for the love. PM if interested!

were does one find how to be a player?