Struggling with tricks!!!

Okay, I have a yoyofactory whip, I can do most basic tricks and most intermediate. I’ve only been throwing for about a week, but I can’t seem to the yoyo from turning or slowing down rapidly when doing more advanced tricks like the McBride, etc. I’m hoping its not because of a cheaper yoyo and something I can physically fix. Any tips on keeping the yoyo straight and spinning? (Mostly for sideways trapeze like tricks).

Trust me when i say it’s not the whip your using (i have 1 and can do all my tricks on it) but you might want to work on a harder throw so it’ll sleep longer for the more advanced tricks your working on.

1- Which bearing are you using with the Whip?
2-Focus on your throw/breakaway
3-Practice, Practice, Practice

The stock large SPEC. Fun fun. Whole school is going yoyo crazy. =)

Does it slow down when not spinning on the string?

For tilting, make sure your hands are alined, if your right hand is to the left a little or a lot and your left hand is to the opposite or the same, it will tilt because the string is pulling it to the direction your pulling the string.

And make sure your throw is straight. It takes practice for the “straight” throw. :).