Stripped Trap XL

So I was thinking since the part of the yoyo that screws in on one side is stripped can I drill a hole through the axle holds and just add side effects? It would work wouldn’t it?

Any thoughts or ideas? I don’t think it would ruin the structural integrity of the yoyo if it’s done properly?

Any other insights, this would actually be a better fix than just gluing the axle in.

I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t work even if you drilled a hole to the same diameter of the side effects. The problem would probably occur once you screw the two side effects together in the yoyo, they might be too long or too short for your trap XL

You can always cut down the axle And we’ll see :open_mouth:
I don’t see any other solution other than gluing the axle in

You could get it retapped.

On drilling it out, you could do that, but I would not do it free hand, or even with a drill press. Your best bet at getting a truly centered hole is to chuck it in a lathe and drill it out that way. Similarly, retapping would work best with a lathe since it requires drilling a larger hole for the new thread size.