Hello everybody!
Could someone tell me which is the difference between normal 100% polyester strings and brazilian or G-Strings (I think that brazilian and G-strings are handmade).And generally…some infos about strings?.. ::slight_smile:


I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those. In my opinion there isn’t really a huge difference in any of them other than price. There are all made of 100% polyester, at least i think there is. ;D

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Me personally, i prefer 50/50 string. Its great i love it. but use whatever you want. and i think michael is right.


Oh, i forgot, if your ever using a wood yoyo, you need to use cotton string because it will just melt the polyester off.


Yeah, all of those strings are 100% Poly.

The G-strings are handmade but are extremely high quality. The brazilian, I think is just some strange kind of Polyester so it’s a bit stiffer and long-lasting.

Paul Wallace makes the G-string at

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This has NEVER happened to me. Where are you getting this information?


Please, oh, please please pay attention to the date if the previous post. This thread is more then 2 years old.


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There is a notable difference between wood yoyo and fixed wood-axle. Wood axles will melt polyester string.