I need some new strings and i dont know what to get should i go with poly or cotton or a blend of each??? what do you people think of the twisted kind??? Please answer :slight_smile:

Dude I just get a 3000 yard spool of polyester, and make my own, but to answer your combo question, I don’t know where you get the combo strings other than string makers, but I think 70%poly 30 cotton is the greatest thread for all of string kind. ;D Mixed is amazing.

i like 100% polyester

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Blend or Polyester. Blend makes your string toughest it can be, not too bouncy but enough for great slacks and durability.

i make a lot of my own string… it offers a lot of freedom with length, weight, whippiness, thickness and composition, but then again i can buy a 100 pack for about the same price and with way less work.

i recommend either 100% poly or a blend favoring poly