I just ordered some Kitty String type 10 from YYN. Any one ever use this?

I was also checking out Alchemy string and Angel Hair… anyone use these?

Give me your opinions!!!


I have heard good things about the kitty string. Not many people like alchemy string or angel hair. My personal favorite is polyester, either from yyn or yyg.


I typically use YYN type 6. I agree, I like 100% poly. I have used the 50-50s and all cottons, and I don’t care for them. What size do you play?

Did you see the post of mine about Water Lily? Tell me about your Blood Lily…


I use the regular length string.

The only difference between our lily’s is the bearing. Yours has slimmer bearing to prevent the kickback.


I thought only the “save deth” edition had the 4mm bearing. I already ordered a ceramic KK for WL.


i only deal with regular string mostly so sorry cant help you there.


the 50-50 slick 6 strings from YYN are good strings and they last longer than 100% poly.

the only complaint i have with them is that they knot down by the bearing very easily


I find it to last longer then YYN White 100% Polys.

But YYN highlights lats insanely long for me. I’m talking 3 weeks. But, then again, I can get 50/50 to last almost a week, so, maybe i’m crazy :slight_smile: