Strings for G-Squared Albatross

Hi guys, first post here.

I’m thinking about getting an Albatross. I like larger yoyos and I’d like to try something that people refer to as “floaty”.

So I’m looking for string recommendations. All I’ve used up to now is 50/50 stuff. I’m thinking I’ll try some of the fat polly Kitty string. Should I buy any others while I’m at it? I’m eager to try the fatter string in my Supernova too to see if it will bind a bit tighter.

I also thought I’d get a Twisted Trifecta Bearing. I liked a Center Track that I put into my Supernova. That’s the only concave bearing I have used. Any other bearings I should try? If I buy the Albatross, then I will have a One Drop 10 ball too.

You might want to check out YoyoStringlab TypeX. It’s very very comfy. Also, you gotta try a Difeyo KK. I have one in almost all my throws.

You may want to try out some flow able silicon. I’m just waiting for one of my response pads to die out so I can see what the binds are like. I brought that up in case thicker string doesn’t give you the tighter binds you’re looking for.

I’m sure others can speak from more experience than me.

Any 100% polyester is what you should be playing in unless you have a looper.

I have had good results with YYE 100% polyester, and other “high end” strings like Trixta, Dragon, Type X(my favorite at the moment) and others. Buy small packs to test out and see what you like. Then buy more!

As far as bearings are concerned, do whatever you want. It’s best to experiment and see what you like best. There is no definitive right, there is only what you find is right for you.

I haven’t tried a whole lot of bearings but I really like my trifecta.

The trifecta is very nice. I actually have one at the moment in the yoyo that I carrying.

I would go with either Toxic Strings or YYSL. My personal favorites are Type X, Ammo,Dragons, and Yellow Jackets.

Type X is a soft standard thickness string that whips faster than normal bulk hold but not out of control, holds tension very well plus it last quite a bit longer than bulk.

Ammo is thicker Type X that has a very nice feel whips faster than Type X, holds great tension, last a very long time and holds slack very well.

Yellow Jackets are a thicker string that are SUPER bright yellow that are very soft, hold tension well and whip at a good pace but not to fast.

And last but not least Dragons. Dragons IMO between a normal thickness poly and let’s say a fat kitty, this stuff whips VERY fast, last FOREVER(well almost), and holds slack very well. Also it is slicker than your average string.

And far as bearings go I would say just test some out and see what you like I personally like AIGR, One Drop 10 ball and CenterTracs.

Just my recommendations.Hope this helps!