Strings bundle

Which yoyo 100 strings bundle should I get, I’m buying it from YYE so exclude Sochi, Slackies, TOPYO strings, and zipline cuz they are not available or sold out. I have a bad experience with kitty FAT in terms of snags but it can be my current yoyo, pads or bearings some of you have no problems with kitty fat I’m sure but that’s just me

Thank you.

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My favorite bulk strings are MonkeyFingeR Vines Phat.


Looking good, have u ever tried YYE strings?

I actually haven’t. Maybe someone else can speak to them. My main comps to the Vines are YYF and Magic Yoyo Bulk. Also Kitty.

Honestly have enjoyed the original throw strings the most out of any bulk strings. It’s 100% preference though.