Strings breaking very fast with Dark Magic


I have a DM, I recently started using thin (gray) shims and 100% polyester strings. since this two changes my throw is crooked 90% of the time, what makes the string rub against the starbursts or the o-ring. Right now the strings are breaking at a rate of more than one a day (depending on use). another thing I noticed is that when the string rubs against the o-ring, the o-ring leaves a black mark on the string loop. Is this ok ? cause this is the only reason I can think of, do you have any other suggestions ?

Thanks in advance


if its that bad take of the shims


Did you put shims on both sides or just one? Try taking out the shims and reverse the O-ring (use a pin and pry it out and flip it over and press it all the way in). This process determines whether the O-ring is causing the black marks on your string being rubbing against it all the time.
If you worry about the starburst eating at your string that often, don’t worry…it does not have that serious effect but if you do worry…I suggest sanding down the starburst a bit.
I have a DM as well so I understand. On a side note, I replaced my O-ring with flowable sillicone and…yes you can do it too if you dislike using the O-ring.
Hope that helps. ;D


I tried to flip the o-ring and it still leaves a black mark, and I wonder, if I’ll use a ready-made silicone o-ring instead would it fix the problem ?, or will I have use RTV silicone (that is flowable, right ?)

(screamo) #5

Have you tried taking out the shims?
Check the bearing, seat, response, etc. Maybe there are some sharps thingies.


Just wondering…have u ever cleaned your bearings before? Just saying that (sometimes) through extended use of the yoyo the lube in your bearings/axle may get onto the response and stain your strings…hence the black marks. And as Screamo says, check for sharp thingies.


The black on your string is totally normal in a YYJ with o-ring response. It won’t hurt anything.

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do you have the gap widend? The string might be falling off the bearing and onto the axel, happens to me all the time and it can really were out your string.


LOL… Nmaster broke my indestructible string that way… by slipping the axle. And don’t sand the starburst, it’s fine the way it is… check the inside for sharp edges, also, which string are you using?