Any ideas on what string I should get? I need the string to be long (kitty string length or longer), whippy (little heavier weight I believe), and it would also be nice if it held tension well.I want something that will last longer than kitty. I don’t care too much about soft or coarse, thick or thin, as long as it has those qualities listed above. If you make custom string and are willing to make some deals with me, send me a pm.

List for myself to remember possibilities:

Ape hangers

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Check out Blueprint, it tends to last for awhile and holds tension well. Very rough on the hands though.

I actually use to use blueprint for a year or two. Loved them! Too short for my taste now. Thanks for the input though! :slight_smile:

I was thinking cloud string but was hoping to try a couple others.

I like the ape hangers from mfd that came with the 2evil


The free Ape Hangers I got from Nats were longer than Kitty by a bit.

Okay :slight_smile: might have to give them a try! More ideas are always welcome! :slight_smile:

Have you tried clouds yet? if not, quit fartin’ around. :wink:

For my money, if it’s not Kitty, I really like String Labs, Ammo string. They hold tension really well and are on the longer side and whip and slacks are a breeze. They only bad thing is they only have 10 packs, here. And it is a bit pricy. But worth the try. Those are the only 2 brands I like.

~☮ Charles K.

Thanks for the input! Are they as long as kitty?

Also, what about venom’s length?

I remember YYSL being shorter.


Okay, I’m just going to do it this way. What string on Yoyo Expert is about kitty length or longer?

I’m probably wrong though; it was a long time ago and maybe my friend had shortened it.