Best string to hold string tension?


Let me know


I been told by pros that have tried our string that our string held tension the best. That’s comparing it to kitty string and others. But because we never got any business we decided to stop making them.


Cloud String for sure!

(InvaderDust) #4

+1 for cloud strings


What! I just looked that up and my mind is blown! That is expensive string! Is there anything else good at a cheaper price?

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Honestly thick kitty or kitty XL is super great.


What the heck? Cloud string is interesting for many reasons, but it does NOT hold tension well. It is one of my worst strings for holding tension.

YYE Core string holds tension rather well, so I’m enjoying that. modman10’s line of strings are pretty good for tension.


Out of the different strings I’ve tried, I really enjoyed the “YoNinjaYo” strings that ThinkH20 had produced. Runner up is Buddha string, its slightly thicker than normal kitty but not as girthy as fat kitty. I also enjoyed them because they both whipped nicely.


As of now I just have regular kitty, it doesnt hold the tension all that well, in fact yye polyester string prob holds it better, but still not that great.


I have to agree with GregP - Cloud string is fun, but it doesn’t hold a neutral tension for very long.

My recommendations would be MonkeyfingeR Vines, YYE Core String, or Kitty Nylon 1.5.


I must have the one-off Cloud String that holds it’s tension really well. Hmm…


Now thats an answer im looking for. Thanks guys!

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Im with you. I must have gotten some “good” ones too, cause, while yes, i do have to adjust every now and then, but compared to a 5 hour old kitty and a 40 hour old cloud string, its clear as crystal. Ive got 8 clouds in commission right now, and they are are just like day one, im happy, i guess thats what matters…


IME: Kitty Nylon 1.5, YYSL Type X, Toxic Dragon (once they’re broke in).


Here are the ones I’ve tested and my thoughts. Listed from best to worse:

Yoyo String Lab Ammo Strings. All around great string which holds tension well.

Yoyo String Lab Venom Strings. I think these are very slightly fatter than the ammo. They’re very close but I tend to like the ammo better.

Twisted Strings Type D. Retains tension well, long life. Feels a bit fatter than standard Kitty Strings.

Kitty 1.5. Seem to loose the “bounce” quickly. I wasn’t happy with the string tension.

Kitty 1.0 (standard). Poor string tension. This is the reason I decided to try other strings.

There are many more and YMMV. But these are the ones I’ve tried and my impressions.


Agreed with Greg as well that cloud string is pretty bad at holding tension. They last a really long time but you have to adjust the tension a lot. Still a great string.

I like the yoyo expert core string, honestly though for me most 100% poly strings all hold tension relatively the same.

Gstring had some that were great.

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I am only a year in so still pretty green in a lot of areas. Maybe my basis of comparison isnt string enough yet. Or rather, what I mean to say is that cloud string is “consisntant” in its tension as it ages. meaning it acts the same day one and it does day 60. But maybe that isnt that great to begin with and im just used to it. ::slight_smile:


two words.

Home made.

if you get silk or mara 70 by gutterman that stuff lets you go a little loose, and then you have stability for days. INDIE STRINGS FOR LIFE!


You are totally right that cloud string is super consistent! It’s amazing and the only string that plays the same new as it does after a month of play.

When playing it tends to not hold slack loops easily after a dozen throws or so. Which I think is what the op was asking, and usually what string tension is referring too.