Help me out with string

I’m currently using Kitty XL. I love it, but it wears out VERY quickly. I’m looking for some thick, soft string, that lasts longer. What would you recommend? Thanks!

(Ps, I already have blueprint string, and I’m looking for something besides that)

Boss string lasts quite a long time and I believe it’s about the same length as blueprint. It’s not really soft, but not exceptionally coarse either. Buddy Jim on the forums makes it.

Cool. Thanks. I am looking for something a bit longer than blueprint tho…

I would say cloud string but that’s coarse i believe as well…

Toxic BG1 Yellow Jackets for sure. Email Evan direct if the world is sold out, heck make them specially for you!
Ammo isnt bad but really thick.
Venom is a little thinner than ammos.
Happy Mountain’s Yellow Snow was really nice.
YYE’s High End is also impressive.

but at the end of the day, they ALL sit in my drawer unused. Thanks to Cloud Strings, im straight up spoiled now. They can be soft AND a little course depending on where your tension is. I love this about it. When its suuuuper smooth i know its time to give a quick adjustment to loosen it. If it feels rough, i know its too lose and need to tighten up a bit. I dont even have to get the string loops together to see how bad they will twist up on each other, the texture tells me every time. :slight_smile:

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Aninymous string, local brand in my country.
Sean de los santos approved it