What kind should i get?
i like the string to be:
-long lasting
-good with binding


I’d say yoyo jam strings sound like that but yoyonation strings are a close second. here take a look.

strings at the bottom.

heres some more

YYN has a ton of string.

and you can buy it here to but i have never tried yye string so. Later.

Keep it spinning™


Try GM User’s new Element string. Really great.

Or - There’s Perfect Fit string mady by Jeromy K.

YoYoSam colored string are soft.

And, there is a new string introduced here: Frozen Fire. :slight_smile:


My strings can do all of that.

YoYoJam strings seem a little too expensive, and I don’t really love them.

The YoYoNation strings are great too.

My Element Strings and Jeromy K.'s strings are really great, here is some info on mine.,3817.0.html


Chaos strings, soft, long lasting, great with binds.

(Shisaki) #6

I have to say intentus or SSE G-string. I’m sorry GM user but for me the stirngs to soften up to the point where intentus or SSE is w/o being used. If you dont mind a little roughness the get GM user’s stirng but if you want pure softness get G-string in Intentus or SSE.


I use yoyo sam strings. They’re soft but they also offer a long spin time.

(Shisaki) #8

Strings dont affect spin time :wink:


They actually can.

(Shisaki) #10

Well they do if they rub on the sides but I mean strings wont affect it if the stirng is always in the middle.


Thicker strings may cause more friction causing less spin time.


And Cotton strings will slow down the bearing more then other strings.