I never knew string was a factor of smoothness/vibe/wobble

Now, don’t get me wrong. Preference is all that it’s about, but, up until this point, I’ve never thrown a yoyo that didn’t, in my hands, seem to work as well w/ a different string.

My sasquatch is the top yoyo I own now, but I couldn’t get it to throw straight. It was a bit frustrating because my Battosai was just fine.

I switched to my slightly shorter different brand string, threw, and NO vibe. My throws seemed better, I got a better spin time, and the binds were faster.

So, I learned a new lesson today :slight_smile:

Well, i never had such problem.
What i felt with diferent string were the feeling of slack, tension and bind. And in some cases, durability.
maybe its just me then.

I find that my highlights dampen vibe more than my chaos 422, so yes string does make some difference. I still like my 422 more though.

The string plays absolutely no part in yoyo vibe. (as long as the vibe is created by the yoyo and not a throw.) The string may dampen the feel of the vibe through the string though. If you have a bad throw and a shorter string helps then start using one on all your yo’s.

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That’s what I meant. String length can determine how well you can control your throw, that is, if you’re me xD